Today’s Prayer

Help me, Lord God, as the stormy gales of temptation swirl around Your beloved. Give me strength to resist the pleasures of this world that so easily allure me. I fear being led astray if the roots of my faith do not reach deep. Father, I am a frail vessel unable to cross the rough seas of this despairing voyage. Only You can bring me to the desired haven, Lord. Left to my own devices I easily perish. My heart is clouded with evil, God. My soul is troubled with lingering pride. Robe me in Your righteousness, Jesus. Clothe me in the celestial garment of divine love that warms and protects my cold heart and fragile soul. Otherwise I am naked and vulnerable to the elements of life distractions. I am lost seeking pleasure that cannot be found in this world. Unravel my times into Your hands, Lord. Make sense of my senseless choices. Direct my course to keep within the boundaries of Your perfect will. You are my guide. You are my rear-guard. You are my constant companion as I sojourn through the moments of the days You have given me. Under the commanding Word of truth in Psalm 73:22-24 and the authority of Christ, I bow in prayer.

I was without reason and did not know better. I was like an animal before You.  
Yet I am always with You. You hold me by my right hand.  
You will lead me by telling me what I should do. And after this,
You will bring me into shining-greatness.
Psalm 72:22-24, NLV

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