Today’s Prayer

Bind my wandering heart to Your glorious Spirit, my Lord and King. In all things designate me by Your protective seal. With thousands upon thousands of enchanting displays of affection You have shown the world Your perfect love. You have woven the darkest thread of history into the divine tapestry of light through the needle of the cross. God, my God, make glorious that which has been destroyed by selfishness. Intertwine the thoughts and emotions of my being with the mighty truth of Your Word. Transport Your beloved to the higher precipice where an eternal view glimmers with joy upon the tapestry of my heart. You know my composition Lord. You delight to remake me, weaving my story into Your grander narrative. I am breathless in the intimacy of prayer’s fellowship. I am in awe of Your beauty and prestige. Let me never think more highly of myself than I ought. For my one desire is to be of use to You, to walk in Your direction and become all that You designated me to be. My Lord, let me bask in the reflection of Your unbounded eternal inheritance, a treasure of truest love, which I shall one day have eyes to see and a heart to feel the depth of which my mortal body can scarcely fathom. Under the Word of truth in Isaiah 43:4 and the authority of Christ Jesus I pray.

Since you have been precious and honored in My sight, and I have loved you,
therefore I will give people in your place, and nations instead of your life.
Isaiah 43:4, WEB

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