The Beloved

TITLE: The Beloved

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Exiled to the desolate island of Patmos, the last of the original twelve to become followers of Jesus, is ushered into contemplative reflection of a life well lived. While he waits for the ending, John is taken back to his true beginnings…A deep yearning existed within him, one he couldn’t quite explain. When he heard rumors about a crazy Baptizer proclaiming that the Messiah had come, John knew he had to investigate. Invited by his friend, Andrew, John embarks on an adventure that takes him to the depths of God’s heart, breathing life into the ancient text of Scripture and turning the darkness into light. He went to seek the Messiah, the deliverer of Israel and ends up finding the One whom his soul loves, the One who came to deliver him. The longer John follows Jesus, the more he realizes how skewed his perspective of the Kingdom of God really is. Would John, in discovering who God’s Son is, come to discover himself? Would he ultimately find the purpose in his life through a love that could never be corrupted, a love meant to redefine his own heart and shake up the world?

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal bible study relating to each chapter.

Book Three in Follower Series (available in paperback, hardback or kindle)

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The Beloved

The Beloved Hardcover

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