Today’s Prayer

Take the adversities and losses, Lord. Use them to hem me into the boundaries of Your will. Shepherd home Your wandering sheep, Jesus. In Your fold is where my wavering heart finds rest. For I know that when I am well-fed and satisfied with worldly comforts, the rebellious lion within my heart is not tamed by faith. Let me hunger. Let my strength be sapped if it will bring me back into Your heart. I submit to Your love. Make me obedient to Your pleasure even if it necessitates pain. Forgive my boasts and arrogance, Lord. Make me humble so I can be a better servant. Melt away the substance that taints Your image within me. Spirit, come alive and breathe afresh through me. When Your blessings come in waves of difficulty, let me stay standing on the solid ground of hope in Your Name. Increase my trust, Lord God. Remake me with Your loving hands of grace. Help me live a life that honors and adores the King. Under the amazing Word of truth in Job 36:15-16 and the authority of Christ Jesus I bow in prayer.

But by means of their suffering, He rescues those who suffer.
    For He gets their attention through adversity.
God is leading you away from danger, Job,
    to a place free from distress.
    He is setting your table with the best food.
Job 36:15-16, NLT

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