Today’s Prayer

The majesty of Your perfect love is divinely layered, Lord God. How magnificently delightful it is to wade through the kaleidoscope of Your beauty in the Word You have given. May the powerful indwelling of Your Spirit open my eyes, peeling back the layers, so that I can view Your heart, God, as You fully exposed it to me in Christ Jesus. Grant a boldness to Your servant that I may remain steadfast to defend Your truth and stand in the shadow of the wings of the gospel. Manifest Your love to this world through my life, Lord God. Teach me the ways I can bring You glory specifically and with intention every day. Grant me the patience to let Your work in me be continually refined whether through trial or blessing. Purify my heart’s intentions so that I reflect You as an ambassador of Your Kingdom. Jesus, only You can grant my restless heart the serenity of contentment. Only You can govern my fears in a way that does not thwart the will of God. I thank You for Your loving kindness, remembering upon the altar the greatest gift of Your sacrificial love, a love that saved me and made me Yours. I bow before You in gratitude that You drew me to Yourself with the powerful chord of love so grand, so majestic and beautiful that I was able to take my first breath of eternal life. Under the mighty Word of the Lord found in John 5:21 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in grateful prayers of adoration.

For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom He is pleased to give it.
John 5:21, NIV

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