Today’s Prayer

My Lord Jesus, lead me step by step along the path of righteousness. I need Your perpetual guidance because I am prone to walk right into a pit. Let me not be indulgent to the point of adding spiritual fatness to my soul. And may I not be distracted to the point of starving myself from communion with You. Jesus, only You can show me which trees to eat the fruit of. Only You can truly nourish my soul with spiritual health and vitality. So beckon me to that quiet place, our secret rendezvous of daily prayer. May the delight of sitting at Your feet far exceed any other earthly delight. I have much to learn, Lord. Be my soul teacher. I have much to rest from. Be my refuge. Lord, I come to You for the spiritual fitness I lack. Use the exercise of prayer, of meditation on Your Word, of study and worship to shape me in divine love reflective of You and worthy of Your Name. Under the mighty Word of the Lord in Psalm 62:1-2 and the authority of Christ Jesus I bow in adoring prayer.

My soul rests in God alone.
    My salvation is from Him.
He alone is my rock, my salvation, and my fortress.
    I will never be greatly shaken.
Psalm 62:1-2, WEB

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