The Collector

TITLE: The Collector

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Hated and despised by his own people. Tolerated and abused by the enemy he worked for, Matthew did not see the purpose of his empty life. Alone with himself, he did not like what he saw. After a series of wrong choices and misinterpretations, Matthew alienated himself from family and then from his own community. He thought he was protecting and defending those he loved, but the truth was he wanted more. His heart desired the security which great wealth offered. So, Matthew became a tax collector named Levi. He justified the lifestyle he abhorred as a necessary choice. But the more he collected, the more he wanted. His soul was an empty vault that could not be filled with coins no matter how much he tried.
When a mysterious preacher came to Capernaum, Levi could not help but listen to the things that were said about Him. Hearing the Man preach amplified Levi’s sense of emptiness. He was entirely shocked and astonished when the Man from Nazareth came to his tax booth and gave him an invitation to bring Matthew to life again.
Would Matthew walk away from this offer? He would risk everything he had worked hard to accumulate by following this Rabbi into the unknown. Was it worth it? Would the tax collector stop collecting coins and collect the words of life instead? Would the one who had taken so much from the people have something of great value to give back?

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal bible study relating to each chapter.

Book Seven in Follower Series (available in paperback, hardback or kindle)

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The Collector

The Collector Hardcover

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