The Inquisitor

TITLE: The Inquisitor

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Life for him began in the shadows, beneath the reign of a murderous king. On the run since birth, Thomas was separated from his twin brother, while his father’s past haunted them everywhere they went. Divine encounters with faithful people early in his life helped to counteract the negative effect of his father’s apathetic parenting, but Thomas still sought favor from the one person who would not give it to him – his earthly father. Not privileged with access to the traditional education of a young Jewish boy, Thomas had more questions than answers regarding God. But his father made it clear that questions were unwelcome and a sign of ignorance.
It wasn’t until his father had more sons that Thomas realized he was on his own with no inheritance to look forward to. Walking away from family and a potential for love, Thomas seeks to find his lost brother. Yet, when searching for answers regarding his past, Thomas instead finds his future at the side of a controversial Rabbi named Yeshua. Designated a follower of this Man, would Thomas be able to set aside his doubts and disbelief in order to recognize the Rabbi for who He was? Would Thomas look beyond the honor of being educated by a Rabbi to fully embrace the inheritance Yeshua offered him? Blinded by his volatile relationship with his earthly father and the scars from a tumultuous childhood, Thomas feels like a failure as a disciple. What would it take for him to finally submit to love and find the answers? Would he open his eyes to see the favor of his Father in heaven? 

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal bible study relating to each chapter.

Book Eight in Follower Series (available in paperback, hardback or kindle)

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The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor Hardcover

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