Today’s Prayer

O Sovereign LORD, King of my heart and nourishment for my soul, I am hungry for Your presence. I thirst for Your love all throughout my day. Your Word is like a spring of water welling up inside the deepest parts of me. O how I love Your Word for it is life. You speak to me words of comfort and lead me with words of truth. I adore You for You are worthy of my adoration. You are good, kind and trustworthy to all Your beloved. There is a song that I am learning as we travel the road together, Jesus. My song is written in the melody of love. For You died for me and rose again that I might have love and life in abundance. O God, my Holy One, do not forsake the ones that You love. Do not leave us to what we deserve. For You are the only One who can save us. Though the evil of this world grows ever stronger and more enticing, our God is victorious. O Father, protect me from the traps laid by the enemy for I have been tricked by too many of them. Yet Your mighty arm never gets weary from pulling me back to the safety of Your embrace. Your restoration is so sweet and tender, my LORD, and so desperately needed. Rejoice with me, loved ones of God, for He is mighty to save even after we have suffered a little while. Take heart, for the LORD Himself restores you. Adore Him, let us all adore Him. The Word of the LORD nourishes my soul. Under the might and beauty of Psalm 33:3-4 and the authority of Christ Jesus I bow in prayer.

Sing a new song of praise to Him;
    play skillfully on the harp, and sing with joy.
For the Word of the Lord holds true,
    and we can trust everything He does.
Psalm 33:3-4, NLT

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