The Mystic

TITLE: The Mystic

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Born into a life that offered the privilege of power and position, the son of Alphaeus wasn’t prepared for the changes that were forced upon him after his mother died. Thaddeus, born with the name Judas, was plagued with a physical affliction that served as a constant reminder of his weakness as a man. It wasn’t bad enough that his nickname was a derogatory term given to him by his aloof brother, Thaddeus was also plagued by mystical dreams and visions which only made him feel as if insanity was his ultimate destiny. Forced to leave his former life of comfort and ease because of his father’s bad choices, Thaddeus grows up in the holy city of Jerusalem. But the power of the Temple is nothing like he imagined it to be. Where was God? Why were the priests so duplicitous? Why was his father so distant?
It wasn’t until Thaddeus met up with a traveling Rabbi that he began to make sense of the vision given to him on a mountain long ago. A vision that identified him as a follower; a vision that told him he would see true power. But Yeshua’s power was so contrary to the religious power, the national power, and the worldly power represented by the Sanhedrin, King Herod, and Rome. If this Rabbi truly wielded the power of God, then what was the ultimate destiny for a man with a physical affliction and mystical visions? Was Thaddeus supposed to be a prophet or something else? Was power something real or merely an illusion? 

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal bible study relating to each chapter.

Book Nine in Follower Series (available in paperback, hardback, or kindle)

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The Mystic

The Mystic Hardcover


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