TITLE: Emerge

CATEGORY: Devotional Prayer

This book of prayer is designed as a yearly devotional to begin or end your day in praising prayer. No matter what is going on in life or in our own hearts, God is worthy of prayers of adoration. As we prayerfully praise our Maker, our own hearts are relieved of the heavy burdens which we carry because we are reminded that there is One who shoulders the weight for us. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or a beginner to daily prayer, these short prayers of praise will fill your heart and soul with gratitude as your perspective shifts off of yourself and onto Your Savior. The world around, circumstances that invade our daily lives may feel dark at times, but through prayer and worship we can realize that God does His best work in the dark. The power of His love invites us to emerge into His glorious light and become children of the day.

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