Today’s Prayer

Lord, assist my feeble praises with Your heavenly Spirit coaching me in my ignorance. Let me live to glorify You, careful of the words I choose and the actions I undertake. Keep my human emotions within the boundaries of heavenly conduct, Lord. You know I am prone to wander. Make each day a prayer to the One who owns my soul. I need You every moment. Let me glorify Your Name through contentment. Rid me of distracting wants and worldly passions. Help me honor You through exhibiting patience. Though many trying circumstances have befallen me, I will wait until I learn the reason You have ordained such an experience for my soul. Let me use every ounce of spiritual gifting granted to me to extol Your bride, the church, Lord. May Your servant redeem the days given me through service in Your Name. Enflame the heart beating within my chest until nothing but love for You blazes bright. Set my faith on fire with a deep, abiding affection for all things eternal, for truth, for life in the Name of my Savior. Take my mind and take every thought captive to obey You, Lord. You have set me in this world for Your reasons and only by Your assistance can I accomplish all that You desire. Cast my time and my life and my love into the treasury of eternity Lord. For that is where You keep my heart and soul. Under the mighty transforming power of the Word of God set down in Luke 12:34 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in adoring prayer.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Luke 12:34, WEB


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